Friday, March 14, 2008

Cauliflower Soup

Ok.. This story is a few weeks old, but better late than never, right?!?!?!

So, a dude on food network was cooking up some cauliflower soup and charlie and I both thought.. "Well, that looks good!"  So, next trip to the store I picked up a head of cauliflower.

I get home, get to cooking... Oh yeah, it is going well...  the directions said to let it simmer for 20 minutes, but I'm impatient so I just boiled it for 10.  I kept an eye on it, P9111750stirred it often.  Lookin' good!  Then I need to transfer it to the blender... well, you should let it cool, but no, not me.  I'll get it over there, no problemo!  So, I transfer half the batch, blend, transfer to a bowl.  Going good!!  Then I transfer the second half.. well, this half is a little larger than half. Oh hell, I'll just filler up!   I press the button on the blender and whamo!  The lid comes up and steaming P9111751hot cauliflower soup sprays all over me! ha ha.. too funny.  So, there I am, covered w/ soup and my hand is scalded!   I did wipe most of it off of me prior to getting the camera out...

This time I'm gonna show the blender who is boss.  So, I applied the appropriate amount of pressure onto the lid of the blender and finished my blending.  I transferred  it all back to pot, I ate and all is well! 

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