Monday, June 29, 2009


Kathy you need to join us on the farm. It is so fun... You wont be bored.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new plan

Sorry I havent been on the blog in a while. I am forming a new plan for myself. One that involves more exercise and a closer watch of my diet. This means more time outside and less time on the computer with the exception of this game called Farm Town that Tina has got me addicted too. Yes you heard me right why else would I get up at 1:00 in the morning to check my crops to see if they were ready of beg perfect strangers for a job on their farm to earn money. It is totally fun, but let me warn you hard to stop.

Rails and Ties

I watched a real tear jerker of a movie yesterday am...
It is called Rails and Ties, w/ Kevin Bacon.
It was a pretty good movie, really heart wrenching.
So, if you need one of those emotional roller coasters to get you in a good mood... watch this one:')

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Everyone

Kathy and I went to see the Proposal yesterday. It was the perfect funny romantic comedy. On Tuesday the movie theater offers free small popcorns and cheaper matinee shows, so Kathy and I have been taking full advantage. I recommend for all out there to see if you theater runs any specials and slip away for an afternoon movie with someone. It's been a great break in routine for us. As you all have probably heard we have been losing weight. I hit 25 pounds this morning. I will tell you all that I thought that much weight lost I would feel a significant difference. Not so much. No change in pant size or exciting new curves I forgot about, but hey it's less weight I'm dragging around RIGHT? So I'm on to wish everyone a happy summer and keep blogging it gives me something to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Side note

Tzatziki Sauce
(I love this as a mayo alternative!)

1 large (I like to use 2 of the small ones) cucumer peeled, seeded, and grated.
1 32oz container of plain, non-fat yogurt
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves minced garlic (or more if you love it like I do)
small squeeze of lemon juice

The trick to this whole thing is controlling the amount of moisture. Drain the yogurt...I've used cheesecloth, a handheld metal mesh colander, and even a pair of Crissy's pantyhose! Don't skip draining the yogurt, you'd be surprised how juicy it is. You are supposed to drain it for 4 hours but I'm not that patient. Instead I let it sit for an hour and mush it around with a spoon occasionally. I even dry the grated cucumber with paper towels. That's it! It tastes fresh and crisp...just what I'm looking for in the summer.

The Bench

Don'tcha just hate when you type something all up then hit some button and everything dissappears! Anyway, this is the project I've been working on. The kitchen bench was driving me crazy so I had to reupholster it. This was before...
This is after, and an extra shot to give a better idea what the fabric on the back looks like. The seats look blue in these shots, but they are actually black. Yes, mom, I put three coats of Scotchguard on each piece. Not bad for my first try without Mom helping!

Alright Already!

Mom's been on my butt cuz I haven't sat on the porch for here I am with a nice tall glass of ice water with a wedge of lemon floating in it. Mom might have mentioned to ya'll that Crissy and I are working on a "lifestyle change." So far I've lost 8 lbs. and Crissy's lost 16 lbs. We aren't drinking pop or tea with sugar, and we're trying not to eat anything we can't pronounce. Read the labels, it's harder than you think. I think I'm almost able to gauge how much a portion is! I would recommend reading "Eat this, Not that" to help pick the best options at the grocery store on the regular things you eat. The best advice I've heard so far is to stick to the outside of the store when grocery shopping; the inside aisles are where the "bad" stuff is. The best part is that we are trying a lot of new things and now we're out of that food rut. Jo, don't forget that summer is time for Tzatziki sauce...I've really been enjoying veggie burgers with feta cheese and Tzatziki! The most pleasant surprise has been the Smart Balance butter alternative made out of EVOO.
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