Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Life

Hey all,
So Kathy and I went to see G.I. Joe yesterday. It was action packed and fun. Last week we went to see Julie and Julia, rent it, not worth the money, it was really slow moving and had no point. The house is looking good, but we've been on a little hiatis with the heat advisory so high. This weekend I'm off to Chicago to help my friend pick out her wedding dress and the brides maid dresses for her wedding next May. It should be fun! Kathy and I are still losing weight although it is painfully slow right now. I hit 33pds and seemed to stop. I will tell you that I have finally changed sizes and am now wearing the same size I wore my senior year of high school. I still have 18pds to lose for my Christmas goal. When Candy was here, Kathy and her went to Walmart and bought an exercise bike and some free weights. I've been loving the cardio work out and I think my arms are finally shrinking. Since this a girl's zone, I thought I would ask the advice of you very intelligent ladies. When your losing weight and it seems to stop, what's the best way to jump start your body again. I really want to make my Christmas goal and I'm starting to feel discouraged. Side note- One thing I have learned about myself over the years is that my body image hasn't changed much. I've been looking at old photos trying to pick a goal picture and as I'm looking at myself I realized that I have always thought I was fat. I'm not sure that we are able to look at ourselves through unbiased eyes and see what we actually look like. Now that I am actually fat, I look back and think why didn't I rock that body and find happiness with it. So on my journey through weight loss I've been trying to step back and say " hey your sexy, look at the progress, keep going" So I have decided to give you all a little assignment.
1. Stand in front of a full length mirror naked ( i know scary but humor me)
2. Really look at yourself turn side to side, stare at you butt, take an honest look
3. And then tell yourself, somebody I love, loves this body, the one I have, and although I see flaws, I have accomplished so much in this body. I love my body, I'm gratefull for my body and my health.
4. If you see something you want to change, remember the change is for you, your body is not screaming at you hey get rid of this stomach fat it's ugly, it's your head, and if you want to change, not neccessarily improve, because your body is damn sexy, then do it because you would feel better
5. Put your clothes back on and look at yourself again, and remember that few people really see you naked and those people still love you, so why don't you still love you

I hope everyon takes time to try this challenge. I recommend making it a ritual. We are so blessed ladies. Some of you have carried children in those bodies, found lovers and soulmates in those bodies, and happiness in those bodies. It's about time that we love ourselves. Well off to work for me, but i think I'll stare in the mirror first!
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