Saturday, April 17, 2010

Green Smoothie, raw diet

I bought a big bag of washed and chopped kale at the food lion yesterday so I could try out a Green Smoothie! I've heard lots of good things about smoothies, but even more good info and health benefits for green smoothies. I didn't exactly follow any of the recipes online, not you expected I would:') I started with one cored apple, one banana, one peeled orange, a couple of handfuls of mixed frozen fruit, blended that up and gave some of that mixture to chuck and brett. I wanted them to have some smoothie w/out subjecting them to my green experiment. Then I added about 3 cups of water and as much of the kale that I could jam into the blender. Zipped it up and voila! Green drink! I actually like it a lot.. Charlie tasted and didn't seem entirely pleased, but he'll come around:')
There is tons of info on the internet about green smoothies, a lot stemming from Dr. Oz's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. I did find this neat blog that I like called Happy Foodie. The author has a few other blogs that are interesting. I'd like to eat a more raw diet, so I'm trying to learn some new routines...

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