Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey Ya'll...

Hey everyone... I have clearly not been online lately as much as I have been in the past.

I attribute that to Charlie being home, Brett in guitar and baseball at the same time, and spring time!  Who can resist getting their arse off the pc and outside.  Baseball is going well, our team is four for four!!  WOW! 

So, Pottery is done, I need to take pics of all the wares, maybe tomorrow.

I got my quilt from Candy and have been keeping to myself.  It is so beautiful that I want to use it as decor, a showpiece really, but instead I have been wrapping up in it on the couch.

Work is the same old crap...  I so want to like my job and enjoy my work, but like millions of Americans, I do not.  Oh well.  And I willingly signed the form to go back full time on May 3rd.  This is ok, as it will help me accrue the leave I need for vacation this summer and will be more money, also to pay for vacation this summer.

Brett's guitar teacher has him practicing "Secret Agent Man" and "Sweet Home Alabama" and we all think that is pretty cool.

Yesterday afternoon, Jenny and Julie and I got Greek salads from Mama Lucia's, I picked up a bottle of pinot noir, which made for a lovely afternoon.  Which consequently lead us to very sweetly ask the men to take the boys to the Boy Scouts presentation of safety, or something, and us girls all scrounged our fridges and freezers to come up w/something to make for dinner.  So, I found some frozen corn on the cob, two packs of Italian sausage, I whipped up a pasta salad w/Italian dressing and I had some pepperoni and provolone cheese which I chopped up.  Julie pulled out a kielbasa and sauteed some peppers and onions and made nachos w/canned chili and shredded cheddar, YUMMY!  Jenny chopped some veggies and made two dips, again... YUMMY.  When the guys got back they started a fire, we ate and had a very nice evening.  

Brett had a 9am game today, and it was already in the high 70s.  They kicked butt!  Then we hustled to the high school for football signup's before they closed at noon.  We came home, I made sandwiches, then I crashed on the couch for almost 2 hours!  I almost never nap.. but I was seriously wiped out.  Probably too much wine and beer the night before... ha ha..

I did come across this really neat quilt blog  Candy, I think you would really appriciate this ladies craftsmanship.

I have a HUGE salmon filet prepped for baking!!  Gee, and I wonder why I can't lose weight, ha ha...

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