Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Travelin' Again

I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day, daughters and mothers alike, that is.  I had a very lazy day.  We took the camper to Tanya and Adrian's for their 5th Annual Cinco De Mayo party Friday night.  Stayed through Sunday at about noon then drove home.  We were totally wiped out by the time we got home, so we laid around.  So, I told Brett... I would really love for my mother's day present to be for someone to run out get us a pizza for dinner.  So, that is what we did.   Not a bad day at all.

So, on to the title of this post.  Charlie will be on travel for about seven days.  He is leaving Wednesday.  His flight is at like 6am, so he'll have to leave here at about 4am.  UGH...  he is heading to Chicago for a couple of days then on to San Diego for a couple of days.  He should be home by next Wednesday. 

Brett has a game this Saturday, but other than that my only plans are to get caught up w/ the cleaning around here.  NOT fun. 

Oh...  this will be my first full week back as full time.  I'm not really thrilled about that either, ha ha...

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