Friday, May 1, 2009

Vanilla creamer... part 3

I tried the homemade creamer, made from condensed milk. It was not so tasty.
I consequently went back to the vanilla creamer sold in the big plastic container.
I just blocked out the the guilt of ingesting chemicals and polluting the evironment w/ more plastic. I do recycle, but I don't think that is good enough....

Betsy, from work, has stopped using her creamer, on her son's advice. He is a green naturalist. She has been just using organic sugar to sweeten the coffee and she does not miss the creamer at all. WOW! I thought I could give the sugar only method a shot and I did, albeit the non-organic process variety.
Nope, not good....

My latest attempt: I have purchased organic half 'n half in a box (no plastic). I put some sugar in the coffee, a little half 'n half and dribble of vanilla. It tastes good, but vanilla is expensive, so maybe I can wean myself from that.... in due time.
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