Friday, June 13, 2008

Chocolate Mint

Hey Ya'll... Long time no blogging. Just been busy, Brett and I are both done with school. Brett had his last baseball game last night, so we will have a little more time on our hands. I was not feeling well today, so I decided to stay home. In the hopes of lifting my spirits, I decided to try to find some uses for all that Chocolate Mint that is growing out front. I have pineapple mint also.

First idea I came across, was tea. So, I got my two 1 gallon size pickle jars out of the closet and put several tea bags in each, 1/2 cup of sugar in each. Then stuffed a bunch of chocolate mint into one and pineapple mint in the other and put them both out into the sun on the front walk. So, later on today we'll try that.

Second idea was banana bread with the mint. So, I whipped up some batter, pulled the leaves of the stems then chopped the leaves up real good and added to the batter. That is in the oven right now.

Third idea was to make simple syrup. So, I have that simmering on the stove right now. That site said to use the syrup as the mint and sugar components of a mojito. So, I may be running out for some light rum later on today.

Sorry, no pics today. Since I got my new imac, I have not quite yet gotten the camera and photo tools set up.
Take care, I'll chat at ya'll later.

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