Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't lose your momentum, Mom

Yesterday morning, I called Kathy for a pep talk on getting my yard work done. I notice the older I get the less I like to do the mowing and weeding. She worked her magic and I was gung ho to mow. After I mowed the circle I came in and called her back to brag about my accomplishment. The brat had the audacity to say good mom dont lose your momentum. The nerve! I pondered this idea for a minute and decided she was right. I got on the tractor and mowed the pasture behind the barn, but that wasnt enough I mowed the front yard also, quietly chanting my new catch phrase I mowed the garden also. When I stopped, my butt was numb and I was out of cigs, but my feeling of accomplishment was justified I felt. So the rest of the afternoon I continued to chant, don't lose your momentum and I had a very productive day. This morning I got to thinking how this idea pertained to all sorts of things, like when you wash the dishes, but dont clean off the counter, or you shower and dress up and put on yucky shoes. I dont really have a point, just a thank you to Kathy for reminding me what I can do.

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