Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No phone for three days

I think I have talked to most of you, but I thought I would still blog about how cranky it made me not to be able to talk to you all since Saturday. Thank goodness the weather has been beautiful on Monday and Tuesday, so I got to spend a lot of quality time porch sitting. With the cooler weather, I reversed my usual order and sat on the front porch in the morning and the back porch in the afternoon. I have been knitting, but dont have anything done to show yet. I have surfing blogs and ran across an interesting one, that is being done by a college in Michigan, I think. It is a collection of old cookbooks and for those of you lucky enough to have fast computers you might want to check it out. I still dont know how to do that magic thing Kathy does when she says click here even though she tried to explain it to me.

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