Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday knitting class

Okay so this is not Tuesday night knitting class, this is Thursday afternoon class to learn how to make felted clogs. I am so excited about this and you will hear more from me when my clogs are done. The last picture is our teacher and the owner of the shop, Julie. The first picture is Beth who is kind and helps everybody with their projects and still manages to be a prolific knitter, I dont think she ever sleeps. The middle picture is Lisa who just came to keep us company and knit on her own project while we were learning.
The difference with Thursday class is there is not nearly as many, on Tuesday night she has to go get folding chairs to fit around the two work tables. I only photographed one of four rooms she has stuff in so you can imagine it is like I have died and gone to heaven in Craft Heaven. On the last picture you see the thing with knitting needles sticking out of it, It is a caddy to put alllllll you stuff in, I bought one, cause they were only four dollars and I didnt think I could make it for that. You will be hearing more about felting cause it really is fun.
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