Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, this is it..... The house is now officially on the market. I have very mixed emotions right at the moment, I am nervexsadited (a big mix between nervous, sad and excited). I'm excited to have the house for sell, nervous that it won't sell before we leave for Japan in June, and sad to be leaving the house. I'm just all kinds of mixed up right now! Here is the listing for the house on the Re Max website,
and here it is on

I'm pretty happy with the pictures they used, except for the one of the outside of the house. I think they should have used a closer picture than they did. Maybe they were trying to show how far back from the road the house sits or something. They're the experts, I guess I'll trust their judgement.

The realtor called me last night and told me she already had 4 people call about the house, but.... all 4 calls we're from my nosey neighbors!!

That figures!