Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back Into Civilization

The 2009 Ice Storm took me out of civilization for a few days. It started freezing rain on Mon night. It turned changed off from freezing rain to sleet all day and night. Wed morning we woke up to another 2 inches or so of snow on top of the ice and sleet.
My power went out on Tuesday night about 8:00 pm because we had trees and power lines down everywhere. So for 4 nights we were without power. Bright side, I didn't work 4 days this week and still get paid for it. It's amazing how much we rely on power. So we camped out in our living room because it was the only room with heat, had very little water none of it hot (we have a well with an electric pump), and enjoyed each other's company. We were lucky we had a gas stove so we ate a hot meal every night. It might not have always been done (I cooked some pretty rare hamburgers in the dark) but it was always hot!

Jerrod was off work a few days, his job didn't have power either and we had a pretty exciting day on Thursday. We went out to Ron's and borrowed the generator to recharge our freezer. Since we had the generator here Jerrod wanted to charge the well so we could fill up the holding tank. We charged the well as as Jerrod was putting the well house back on got crooked and slide on the ice breaking the water line from the well to the holding tank. Here we are standing in our ice covered yard with water shooting all over. All we could do was laugh.

We fixed that problem and was going down a road when an electrical truck was stopped in the middle of the road. The electrical truck started backing up in the middle of the road. We thought he saw us and was turning around in the next driveway so we backed up to give him plenty of room. Next thing we knew he gunned his big electrical truck in reverse. So here we are going reverse on a ice covered road in 2-wheel drive trying to keep from being hit by the electrical truck. Before it was said and done, we were flying backwards at about 20 miles per hour, screaming, honking, flashing lights all while Jerrod was kicking the truck in 4-wheel drive and driving very fast backwards. Jerrod shot backwards into a driveway and the big electrical truck just flew on past the driveway and all the way down the rest of the road. It actually got pretty scary when we could no longer see his license plates or tail lights. Thank god for Jerrod's good driving skills and push button 4-wheel drive!

Wow, that was a lot of typing. I added a few pictures to show you our area if you didn't get to see if for yourself!
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