Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok.... I buckled under hunger.

Here we are watching Emeril Live cooking pasta using fresh herbs and I'm like... I love to cook. I love fresh herbs... I need an AeroGarden.

So, I says to Chuck... Honey... doesn't this show make you hungry? He said, no I'm not hungry.

This did not deter my desire for fresh herbs, then I said... Honey.... what store were we at where we were looking at the AeroGarden, he thinks it was Target. I think it was BJ's. Then I said, I think I'd really like to have one, cuz I love to cook w/fresh herbs.

He said that he talked to two people who had them, and said that they do grow like mad and you better be ready to use all that it grows... I was like... ahh Honey.... I know how to make pesto and how to make herb ice cubes, so it won't go to waste. Then I decided that it was what I wanted for my birthday. So, I've placed my order!!! We'll see how it all turns out in a few weeks.