Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday night knitting class

I went to knitting class at Sticks and Stones in Jacksonville last night. It was soooo fun, not like a real class that is boring. We all sat around knitting and talking and everyone was helping each other. I told them I was just visiting my husband working in Franklin and a lady piped up and said she lived in Franklin and taught at the school. I asked her if she knew Tanner and she is his driver's ed instructer and had driven with him just that day. How cool is that?
I think we all crave a connection with other people with similar interest to ourselves. I know you are all my best cheerleader squad for the things I do, but just talking to a group of women that do I what I do was quite a heady experience. I was telling my mom last night and she said she used to feel that way when she went to a beautician convention .
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