Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creamer Question

I agree with you Jo, a good cup of coffee is almost like heaven. When I was visiting Kat and Crissy last week, I had forgotten how good the coffee tastes in Mattoon. I think the recipes with canned milk sound yummy, I bookmarked the page and I am going to try it since i have all kinds of extracts from making schnapps. The book I am reading had a recipe for hot choclate mix.

1/2 cup sugar
1 T flour
1/4 c cocoa
1 t cinnamon
3/4 t clove
1/8 t a llspice
1/4 t salt

Mix all ingredients and Store in airtight container until ready to use
To make ho t choclate
3/4 c mix 2 cups water Simmer 4 minutes Stir in 6 cups milk and reheat