Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Libby's new tooth

We had quite an eventful day yesterday!! Libby had her friend spend the night on Sunday, and they were playing the Wii, when all of the sudden Libby comes running into the kitchen yelling "MOMMA!!!, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!" she was holding her hand under her chin and half of her front tooth was missing. I guess her friend had accidentally hit her in the mouth with the Wii remote and broke her tooth right in half!! This was our first Wii related injury. I had always heard that you should put the tooth in a glass of milk and take her to the dentist as soon as possible. Well, the dentist was closed and she had already swallowed the half that broke off. So we got an appointment first thing Monday morning and got a temporary cap put on it. We have to wait a month to make sure that the tooth doesn't die before they put a permanent porcelain cap on it. If the tooth does die they have to do a root canal before they put the perm. cap on. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ I figure that after insurance has paid their part of the bill, her new 1/2 of a tooth will have cost about the same amount as our new refrigerator!!