Friday, April 3, 2009

Will we stop smoking

Hello my ladies, just wanted to update you on our progress using the stop smoking pill. I am averaging about 3 cigs a day and RD is down to 1 cig a day. We started the pills last Sat. night when we ran out of cigs. The most scary part of the whole thing is how civilized we have been about the whole thing. He or I will state we are having a cigerette and the other will say ok. We have only burned one together once this week. I am a little afraid of the Friday trip home because that is where I seem to have the urge to smoke the most. Wish me luck. I am packing us up to head home this afternoon. Hope to hear from all of you this weekend. I will be staying home for a while to mow and do some work outside so if I dont answer the phone be sure and leave a message and I will get back to you. I know we all think our lives are boring, but I would still like to hear what you are all doing . I miss you.
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