Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember Me....

I haven't blogged in FOREVER... but here I am finally. Tiff I totally agree with you about the increase in cig prices. Kathy and I have been looking for alternatives and stumbled upon the Smoke 51 electric cig. I suggest you look up there website and see for yourself. On another note, I was recently promoted at my job and tonight is my last night of training. I don't know whether or not to be happy or depressed. Some of you probably know that I graduated with my teaching degree last May, but have had little success finding a job. So after leaving Home Depot, I received a job at Cato Fashion Store making min. wage. Real step up....but what are you going to do. Anyway I've been promoted to second assistant with a whopping .50 cent raise. I'll take the money when I can. The biggest pro is that I will get more and consistent hours every week. Changing subjects again, I am happy to report that Kath and I know have T.V. service. It's nothing fancy just the basics, but I am elated-she could probably care less. Let me brag for a little bit about my honey and what she's been up to. Yesterday the cable guys came, (side note-today is my eighth day of an eight day stretch at work) so needless to say I've been exhausted. The house was a tornado, I say tornado, because I swear the house caused it own chaos. She cleaned everything for the cable guys and last night I got to come home to a spottless house. She swears there's hidden chaos, but I'm happy in ignorant bliss. That's about it for us here. Hope you all are doing well.
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