Friday, March 13, 2009

Ticked Off!

Well I need to vent and I figured what better place to vent than the blog. Has anyone bought cigarette's lately? Well I bought cigarettes today only to find out my cigarettes have raised $10 per carton. After some research, it seems as if the cigarette manufacturer's have raised prices to offset the decrease in revenue expected when the federal government raises taxes on cigarette's in April. I call it price gouging. Will the manufacturer's lower prices then? No! So April 1st they are expected to go up another $8 per carton. So $18 per carton on cigarettes next month and I smoke generic's!

Oh and by the way, if you live in Illinois, there is talk on the table to raise the state tax $10 per carton in the near future. So if you buy cigarette's in Illinois, we are talking about a $28 dollar per carton jump.

The federal rate jump that spawned the manufacturer jump is going to pay for children's healthcare, which is a good idea, but I already have to pay for my child's healthcare. Furthermore this is suppose to be a push to make you quit, so if we all quit, then how is the government (that manages money so well) going to pay for it. So needless to say, I am pissed and not extremely pleased with our President. (Please don't tell Toby Keith I said that or I will be exiled like the Dixie Chicks! Oh different President, Toby may not mind!)

I figured it up tonight that we will spend about $7000 per year on cigarettes without considering the Illinois raise (we buy our cigarettes in MO). I think these price hikes are going to make me quit, cause I can't afford to smoke. Jerrod says he isn't paying that for cigarettes. He doesn't think he will have a problem quitting except when drinking. He has quit before for a few months.

I have never quit. I have tried to quit before. After I got down to 6 cigarettes a day, my husband came in the door and chunked a pack of cigarettes at me and told me to smoke. He said he didn't like me anymore! I was that bad and didn't even quit.

We made a pact tonight, if I try to quit smoking, we won't end up divorced!

So right now, I sit infront of my computer, puffing away on cigarettes one right after another, cause I am mad, (I might as well throw a quarter in the trash, each time I light up) and it dawns on me What in the hell am I going to do if I quit smoking when I am mad.....count.....take deep breaths....or go off the deep end!

Well, I say smoke them while you got em, cause I may not be able to smoke them much longer.

Let me know what you girls think about this and thanks for allowing me a place to vent!
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