Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deep dish pizza

Red Dog got a new deep dish pizza pan, so of course we had to try it out. I think this costs more than lasagna by the time we added all the cheese, ham, canadian bacon, and pepperoni. Yummy.


Cucipata said...

That looks delicious

Jo Knox said...

NICE!!! Let us know how it tasted!

brian said...

yum i love pizza!

Jennifer said...

looks delicious ..

I wanna try this one --

uhhmmm. I hope.

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crissy said...

It absolutely looks yummy! I'll give it a try..

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NM said...

Отличное блюдо! вы хорошая хозяйка.

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Family Tour Thai said...

Wow !! be appetizing

Asha De Silva said...

oh it looks very yummy....nice blog
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