Monday, December 13, 2010

False Alarm Chili

I made some chili from a season kit last week.   Which is really unusual, I always do my own thing... even won a chili cook-off once :')  yes, I'm still gloating, 2 years later....

I used some ground beef that we got from the half quarter that we went in on with some friends.  I did skim off nearly all the grease.  I do not like greasy chili!  lol...

This batch was super  yummy!  I really enjoyed this seasoning kit...  It was a little spicier than I like, Brett wouldn't eat it, but chuckie loved it.

The best part was pulling it out for leftovers tonight!

It is my time of the month, and that sure makes me grumpy and sleepy, so it was nice to make my man a dinner that will satisfy him w/ minimal work :')

Chili and Stew are 'bout the only thing I like about winter!  What do ya'll cook when it's
COLD outside?


jodie said...

Sounds like you cook like me& my man He actually is the chef , me, I like baking lol

vacuum cleaner said...

simply wonderful!
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