Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kudos to all of us

It's funny, just yesterday I was thinking "I know Brandi has been doing a lot recently, but she NEVER seems to share..." Thanks mom for the encouragement and for posting Brandi's new project. Hint, hint. The photo album and matching beer coozies are too cute!!! Mom, you are just so poetic sometimes. I read and reread your post about waiting for daylight thinking "Yeah, that's exactly how I feel sometimes!"

On a random side note, there is a price war in progress on paint right now. In my neck of the woods a gallon of Behr Flat Enamel (my personal fave...flat to forgive bad walls, but you can scrub it with Ajax and a ScotchBrite pad without burnishing it...shameless plug for product here) is going for $16.96 a gallon. That's down $5 per gallon!

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