Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Projects, projects

Ya'll might've noticed that I have writing much recently, but I have been visiting regularly. I've had that "gotta get things done" feeling...complete half finished projects and add some organization before I'm stuck in the house for months during the winter. Here is Project #1, a useless antique kitchen table turned into a coffee table. I was going to throw it away, but Crissy said "honey, can't you do something with that?" She isn't much help with my packrat problem, but this time it worked out. I removed the warped leaves, cut the legs down, stained and finished it. Can I just say that I LOVE BRUSHABLE LAQUER! It dried quickly and leveled into a great finish. Don't use it inside! I had every door and window open with all of the fans running and I still got a migraine cuz it made the house smell like a Vietnemese nail salon. I also put together the coasters out of natural stone tile and some cork for backing.

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