Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Flu strikes again...

In response to Hurl Fest, I have recently been invited to that not so fun party. About two weeks ago in the wee Monday morning hours, I found myself at my own little hurling party. Word of advise for those of you who may have been exsposed to the flu, be careful what you eat. Salsa and chips were not the best night before a Hurl fest food. The flu bug is fast spreading and devastating. Students are dropping like flies and Eastern and I found myself out for two days with a fever and some other not so pleasant side affects. I have had one of the more milder experiences, but there are people in my classes who were out for two weeks. Take vitamins often and remember to wash your hands. It makes me nervous about starting a teaching job in August since most teachers spend the first two years constantly sick. Thank god for Airborne. I think there should be a scientific study on the the immune system of long time teachers. I think we would find the cure for most common illnesses. Well I wish all of you a flu free season from here on out.

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