Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am Weak....

It is great to join the Front Porch. I have some added time on my hands as some of you know. First things first, I want to learn how to make a scarf.... any suggestions for books to learn from. Second, I saw this video on CNN about abused fighting dogs and that led to a search for a shelter near me. I found the perfect dog and I am seriously pouting to Kathy for her. She is staying strong - with very good reasons might I add- but I can't help the desire to give this dog a good home. Some of you may not know that I have a very cute Pomeranian named Jared who is spoiled rotten. I have a lot of time to train a new dog and I thought it might jump start my ambition to do some more excercise. I put a link in so the rest of you could fall in love too. Maybe Kathy will break, but I'm not one to push. I might just show her the picture.(Evil hehe) So to give her fair game feel free to tell me why I shouldn't get another dog. I'm open to reasoning... Thanks for the invite Jo, I love what you do on this site.

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