Saturday, February 2, 2008

Heart Necklaces

P8221721 I saw this while browsing my google reader, which I'm still thoroughly addicted to.

These are called Sweetheart Necklaces.  Aren't they cute??

I made one for my niece Audrey and one for Tanya's little girl Kayla.  They were super simple to make.  I made them yesterday while Charlie was working late, and I left them on the cookie sheet when I went to bed, and thought... nah... he won't try to eat them.  Well, I was wrong!  Oopsie...  I did not follow the instructions exactly, I added food coloring to make them pink.  I did not paint them.  I used a red sharpie for their names then used my trustie Modge Podge to seal them.  Then I used my cotton yarn to make the necklace.  I thought I had some nice ribbon, but could not find it....  ribbon would have been nicer, but I used what I had.  Then the dilemma was, how do I string them... you can see I tried two methods and I'm not sure which one I like better.

I'm going to take these w/me to Tanya's today for the Hiller family farewell open house.  I can't believe they are leaving the country for three years!!!!!!!!  I'm  starting to get really upset about it... UGH! 

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