Thursday, February 14, 2008


hey everybody we have power. on tuesday morning about 7:30 our power went off, i thought no big deal. but two hours later when the temp in the great room had dropped enough for me to wrap up in a quilt, i started prodding Red Dog to go get the generator out of the barn. So he huffed and puffed, but put his clothes on and slogged out to the barn to get the generator. i guess i should back up and tell you that we started getting sleet and freezing rain Monday night and lost power a couple of times during the night. Anyway the yard was covered in a sheet of glass so it was a pretty big deal to even make it to the barn.
he got the generator going and then came the worry that we would run out of gas to put in it. the whole town of olmsted was without power and the surrounding farmers we knew so that meant he would have to go further afield to find fuel. mounds had fuel so off he went. meanwhile i sat in a chair where the light was good and read a book. what a luxury to just sit and read a book. i couldnt clean, sew, talk on the phone, or watch tv so i actually finished a book and truly enjoyed the read. i did get up and make a batch of chilli and biscuits with a pinch of sage in them and oh yeah some fudge with toffee bits it them. when rd got home with fuel he rewired the generator to cover half the house, so we had tv, lights, fridge, freezer, and emergency phone in the great room. he turned off the power when we went to bed and got up in the middle of the night and turned it back on for a couple of hours. it still was only 50 in here when i got up.
miss linda had to deliver mail in cape on wed. so we had cloey and jerrin. we had ramen noodles and i baked a marble cake for them so we had a fun day. all and all 34 hours without power went by pretty fast, thanks to my husband for keeping me warm and happy. what a fun adventure.

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