Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just keepin busy

Jo, you should be a spokesperson for Kitchen Aid! I swear, if the folks at KitchenAid had read your last post they probably would've begged you to take a mixer for free and just advertise it to your friends. I want one now, and I wouldn't even use it!

We started Project Pantry yesterday. I say started, 'cuz its gonna take a lot longer than I had originally thought. The whole back porch looks like Jo's rolltop desk! We are taking everything out, checking expiration dates, washing the walls and shelves, and adding more dividers to aid in organization. I just hate how much stuff we throw away 'cuz we forgot it was in there back behind something else.

Next step...Project Bedroom Rearrangement! (I am my mother's daughter, ya know!)

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