Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Guess what I got for Valentines Day???

Charlie bought me a KitchenAid Professional 5(tm) Plus Mixer! It has a high performance 450 Watt motor, direct drive all-steel gear transmission, 5-quart capacity wide bowl, POWERKNEAD(TM) spiral dough hook, and a professional bowl-lift design. My lovely KitchenAid boasts a gleaming jewel-like finish in Onyx black in a sleek design, and it was assembled with pride in Greenville, Ohio!!!

IMG_3406So, I decided it was time to clean up the junk pile on the counter next the fridge and finally move that old microwave down to the basement. I cleaned out my old canisters and decided to begin using my tin set because you can actually scoop flour right out of it. Now you can actually see my hand-carved wooden box! I got that two years ago from an artist at the Sheep & Wool festival. It is the most expensive straw holder in the world... Amazingly, straws fit perfectly in the lower drawer, so handy when I'm guzzling margaritas. Mad cash fits in the upper left drawer, but we don't have any right now, so don't get any ideas. I recently found a box in the closet in the spare room that had not been unpacked since we moved and I found my glass bread pan!!! I found a few other things too, like .. um.. my wedding dress!! ha ha... anyway, the glass pan IMG_3409holds my latest recipes perfectly!! I love it. So, I'm thrilled w/my new mixer and the use of the canisters, which makes for a lovely baking station!!

So, you are probably thinking... what happened to all the clutter that was on that counter.... Well, I can't close my rolltop desk now!

I'll get to that later, I'm cooking right now!

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