Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Great Debate

Soooo...with hurricane season rearing it's ugly head beyond it's expected time, Crissy and I are thinking that our trip to New Orleans at the end of September will probably be a bust. Frankly I've poo-pooed everything else we've come up with 'cuz I really just wanna go where we originally planned. I am asking for brainstorming ideas for an alternative vacation. We'd like to keep it reasonably priced (under $1500), we don't have passports, and no matter what Crissy says, she really doesn't want to go camping. Going to Vegas is the front-runner right now, but I'm not sure what we'd do once we blew all our money. One additional factor is the fact that we like to eat. One of the reasons we were going to New Orleans was that Crissy's never had beignets, gumbo, jambalaya, or any fresh fish. Ready...set...go!

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