Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello and about me

Hi, I am Tiffany George and Candy's friend. Thanks for inviting me to the blog. I guess I will start by telling you about me. I got married about a year ago. I have a stepdaughter Kaylie, whom Candy taught how to sew and do all kinds of neat stuff this summer. I guess I will hit on some facts about me since I missed out on that yesterday. I am not very interesting so here it goes.

1. Currently I have no time for anything because I am working 2 jobs and getting geared up to go back to school for my Master's degree. I think I am crazy!

2. I like to hunt even though I can't seem to kill anything but deer. I think I have six or so of them under my belt with a gun. Two with a car!

3. I can blow air through my eye, I think it is a defect.

4. My birthday is the biggest holiday of the year, even bigger than Christmas. My husband laughs that every 22nd of the month, I sound off on how many months it is till my birthday. Men have to be reminded, don't they? Ha

5. I am trying to take up the sport of golf. I have never been athletic at all and I still have a problem using a club when I can throw a golf ball farther than I can hit it.

6. I have a dog I decided to name Einstein just in case he wasn't very smart. I thought it would be a good joke. (Turns out he is smart so that works too).

7. I get major pleasure out of cussing at telemarkers!

8. I am in the process of building on to my new house for the second time before the rest of it is complete. I long for carpet in my living room and panelling in every room. I have lived here two years.

9. I like lots of things but really don't love anything. I have a hard time answering what is my favorite food, where I would like to go or what I would like to do because I have a passion for nothing. I have no hobbies or nothing that I get excited about or throughly love doing.

10. My husband and I talked about getting "Married" every year but this year our wedding site is booked for Catfish Days. We called it a wedding site everyone else calls it a boat ramp! How country is that?

Thanks again for allowing me to post to your site. I have met some of you and I think Candy has told me a little bit about all of you so I feel like I already know everyone.

Oh and P.S. Jolene, you didn't come down for my wedding so I didn't wear any makeup!

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