Thursday, August 21, 2008

What makes me interesting..or at least unique - Kathy

1. I've been to 34 of the 50 secret goal is to have sex in all 50 and I'm up to 23.
2. I wanted to have a unique experience at the Grand Canyon, so I masturbated in a port-a-potty. How many people can say that?!
3. I have gotten tattoos in Illinois, New York, Michigan, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida (twice).
4. I've read The Witching Hour by Anne Rice enough time to be equivilent to 10,000 pages.
5. I'm able to pretend that I know more things at work than I do because I can read the labels on packages faster than the customers can.
6. My psuedonym for writing is Kai (a combination of my first and middle names) and I've published two erotica stories under this name. Even though I secretly write porn, I blush every time my girlfriend talks about our sex life, and I don't like to read porn.
7. When I sleep alone I have to turn a pillow sideways to simulate someone sleeping next to me.
8. My memory is very spotty...I can remember what color a paint customer picked for their living room last year, but I can't remember to bring home the basket I took to work yesterday. Mom always has to remind me of things that happened in my own life.
9. When I was little I had two imaginary friends who were twins named Tanner and Bob.
10. In high school I kept a "pet" sourdough starter in my locker and called him Herman. When he "died" I made all my friends wear black to school and I had a funeral for Herman in the bathroom.
11. I've helped enough people get through college that I should have honorary degrees in Teaching, English (masters), Speech, and Psych.
12. At the age of 33 I took the ACT at home for fun (geek, nerd, etc.) and scored a 28 without studying...probably would've done better if it hadn't been for that pesky math.
13. My favorite ice cream toppings are peanut butter and jelly...don't laugh until you try it. You'd drink a glass of milk with PB & J, so why not just skip the bread!
14. I randomly quit biting my nails one day after 30 years, but I replaced it with chewing on the inside of my cheek... now I'm getting really bad wrinkles around my mouth from it and I wish I could just go back to biting my nails.
15. I found a set of silverware that I loved, so I bought it and told myself that I wouldn't open it until I had my own house. The package is sitting unopened in a kitchen's been six years since I bought it.

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