Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Makes Me Interesting? jo

This is a hard question to answer.
So, I'll list 10 random things, not in any particular order...

1. I do awesome impressions of people at work. I have gotten excellent reviews in this area. What I do find fascinating it that I can really only do it well when I'm in the midst of telling a story. So, not much on demand impressions... I generally get the amazed look and a chuckle, which makes me happy to make people laugh.
2. I'm a damn hard worker when I need to be... and lazy as hell every chance I get!!!!
3. I love beer!
4. I have made more friends of my own in the last two years than I've had my whole life and I'm soooo appreciative of them all.
5. I took a pottery class this year, and would love to do that again!!!
6. I just signed up for tap and hip hop classes, I start in September. I'll let ya'll know how that goes.
7. I have two classes to go and I'll have a masters degree, which I never had dreamed of achieving.
8. I dream of owning a flower and herb farm and secretly LOVE broom skirts.
9. My family and friends come above all else; but you already knew that:')
10. I get super excited when I see a license plate with any form of my initials, JPK, JP, JK, JEP, etc.. .

Ok.. who is next?

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