Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sling Bag

I gave the sling bag a shot!
I used an old hand made table cloth that I got when I bought a bag of misc. items at yard sale.
I take that back, I did not buy it, they gave it to me just to get rid of it!
The inside is a remnant canvas that I bought a long time ago from JoAnn's. I bought it w/the intention of using it for lining of bags, so this is it's debut. I think it worked fairly well, as the canvas is very sturdy, so no interfacing needed.
The tute called for some ribbon and a D ring, probably to hook stuff too... Well, I had no ribbon and did not feel like cutting fabric to make a strap, so I just it out. If I ever make this again, I'd make it a few inches bigger and include the D ring. Oh, I lucked out w/making the strap cuz I used the finished edge of the table cloth as a guide.
I also added two extra pockets on the inside, cuz the whole bag was cut from one long length of fabric, so I used the squares that I had leftover as additional inside pockets.
I know that this print is a bit Dutchy, but still cute.

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