Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inte restin

Well beautiful women I think we are cookin now. As we speak Kathy and I are racing to see who can respond to the profound words of Queen Jolene and Crispy Peaches.
1. I am double jointed and can still do the splits at 54 years old. I just need help getting up now.
2. I consider myself an artist. When I sew, knit, crochet, cook and sing and sometimes when I fall short of the mark I get down.
3. I love to talk, but I live to listen.
4. My best friend is Red Dog. When I was twelve, I announced to my family I was going to marry and red headed man when I grew up, just not the one I was crazy about at that time.
5. I love to drink beer, smoke cigs, sing and laugh. Occasionally I do clean, but that is not what defines me.
6. I have a wonderful group of women in my life that are smart(ass), funny, loving, intelligent, and beautiful and I think if we decided to we could conquer the world or at least adjust it a lot.
7. My favorite song will always be "Your cheating heart" by Hank Williams, but I love all music. When I visited Kath and Crissy they were listening to the Rekkers, not spelled right, and I liked their music. When Kathy was little we had two sheep named Lacey and Jacey and I would sing "Up from the grave he arose" every morning when I hit the porch for feeding. I swear they starting baaing in time to the music.
8. I love living on the farm and being somewhat of a hermit. To look out any window in my house is a treat.
9. It makes me sad not to be the grandma that lives down the road, oh yeah we arent in a Cleaver episode. I have beautiful, talented, smart grandchildren and I am thankful and proud of them.
10. Someone told me once that I could worry for the FBI, cause I am that good at it. Come on now we all have to be good at something.

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