Thursday, August 21, 2008

My turn for Interesting

To start I am so impressed how interesting you all are. I am at a loss for words, I am not even close to being able to write like you gals but here it goes.1. As a kid I was very athletic and played all the sports that I could. (Very Tomboy) In High School I only had time for volleyball, that is the time that I started hanging with my friends and getting in to mischief, just the normal kind parties and smoking and sneaking out.2. I love to plant things and watch them grow. If I could I would have a big vegetable and flower garden.3. I like to get up and boogie, but it seems to have got up and gone with age. I still attempt it though.4. Spontaneity is my middle name, If I find that I am in a routine over and over and over I am bored.5. Laughter is the key to lifes pleasures love to do it. I have a plaque that reads Live Love and Lauph. I would change it to Lauph Live and then Love, because after being married 3 times I think I better stick with the first 2.6. I have started up a hobby of quilting thanks to Candy and Jennie, I love it and it relaxes me. When I start one I can't wait to see it finished. There is a down side of this hobby (money) it's damn expensive..7. I love to fish but I am not much of fisherman because I just can't seem to put the worm on my hook or kill the fish. I do love to eat them. I would say seafood is a favorite. I have lots of favorites, food seems to be my passion now. I guess I better get back to loving before I can't walk through the door.8. I am not like a lot of people I don't care to sit down and cuddle up with a book. I don't even find time to read magazines that I get. I love movies especially drama, I hate commercials so I record on my tevo so I can fast forward, don't you just love technolgy.That's all folks.

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