Thursday, August 21, 2008

What makes!

Here's a little information about me

1. I only started drinking coffee two years ago... How did I live without it before?
2. My ultimate dream is to be in a broadway show.
3. I haven't found a beer that I can stand- and believe me I've tried.
4. When I teach I forget everything else in the world and live in that moment.
5. I once played a nun with amnesia in a play. The costume was very uncomfortable!
6. I used to ask new people at work to tell me somthing intersting about themselves so I could remember their name... I stopped when one guy lifted up his shirt and showed me his nipple piercing. Ouch! I still remember his name.
7. I make it a point to notice changes in people ie new glasses, haircut, or shoes. I feel that complimenting someone and being aware of people boost their confidence and shows that I take a geniune interst in them. (Side story) yesterday I went to the Home Depot and noticed that one of the guys got new glasses, he replied "I've had these for two months and your the first one to notice?" Thanks" I haven't worked with him in over six months.
8. When I was little I would hold my legs together in the bathtub and try and swim like Arial while singing.
9. I brought a teddy bear with me to college.
10. The one accomplishment I am most proud stems from being the only child of five to graduate high school and then I went on to graduate from college.
11. I get excited to see my birthday numbers anywhere and I have to tell someone.
12. My nickname growing up was Crispy Peaches- given to me in sixth grade by Shawn who I couldn't stand and later that year died of a brain tumor. I kept the name to remind myself that even enemies can change your life.
13. My biggest pet pieve is that my full name Christina is spelled with an "h" but Crissy is not. I could never find anything with my name on it!
14. I named my dog after a character on a tv show I thought was hot - Jared, from the Pretender. Five years later my brother had twin boys and named one Jared and the other Noah. I tease him about getting another dog and naming him Noah because it would bother him.
15. Kathy and I wrote a children's book together called "Daddy's little girl" that I would like to get published.

I started this list thinking it would be difficult to think of 10 things and then I ended up with 15.

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