Sunday, August 24, 2008

Herbed Whipped Butter

There I was, standing in my kitchen staring at the lastest squash that I brought in the from the garden. Wondering, what he heck and I gonna do with this batch, I think we are sick of sauteed zukes and squash, not that we don't love that.... just tired of it.
So, the idea hit me... let's grill 'em. How ingenious of me :')
I could not grill the squash steaks without herbed whipped butter.
I grabbed a pound out of the freezer, nuked it to soften, put about two tablespoons of some garlic herb seasoning, whipped, and voila!!!!

Herbed Whipped Butter for my squash!
We stuck the salmon on the grill also. While were at it, we decided to roast a red pepper. We just sliced it up and ate it right off the grill... YUMMY.

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