Friday, December 28, 2007

Breadsticks are Obsolete

Ok...  Last weekend at Candy's Giada made breadsticks then wrapped them proscuitto (SP??).  Then at Marys some other lady had store-bought already made breadsticks and wrapped them in bacon...

Well, doesn't that sound YUMMY....??  I thought so

So, there I am... at Food Lion, happily filling my cart w/the ingredients for Hummus and swiss cheese dip.  Picked up four packs of bacon.  Gualtney's 2 for $5!  Do you believe it?  So, I bought FOUR!  OH yeah, bacon for the swiss cheese dip and I'm gonna make me some bacon wrapped breadsticks!!!

One small problem....  NO breadsticks to be found anywhere in Food Lion.  I looked for fresh ones in the bakery, NONE.  I looked for frozen ones in the freezer, NONE.  I looked for dough in the Pillsbury section, NONE.  I looked for not so fresh ones in the bread aisle, NONE.  Have breadsticks become obsolete?  Either that or there was a rush of breadsticks sales for the holiday.

So, I'm a bit peeved. Here I am w/ four pounds of bacon and no breadsticks.  Does anyone have any good bacon recipes?  I need something to take to a New Years Eve Party.

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