Monday, December 31, 2007

Hooded Baby Blanket

My latest WIP (work in progress) is a pink hooded baby blanket for Bethany.  She had her sonogram on December 20th and they are having a little girl.  How exciting!  Since Tom has Caleb and she has Dylan, now together they will have a daughter.  I know she will be spoiled rotten, but she'll probably still show pigs at the Carroll County 4-H fair when she turns 8.


I picked up 16 ounces of pink yarn, which I thought was on sale for $5 but when I checked out it was NOT!   I think they left last weeks sales signs up a little too long, cuz they played it off like I was looking at a different sign.  I do know the difference between worsted weight yarn and a Boucle!  I was like, whatever cuz, regular price was $6.99, so it was not a huge sale anyway.

P7191691I got it started right away.  This picture does not show the color properly, the pink is not as vibrant as the label above, but it is not this pale either.  I think the flash was a little to harsh and I was a little too close when I took this.  It is working up really fast, the basic pattern is:

Chain 108, turn and dc twice in third chain from hook, then skip two chains then single crochet, double crochet twice in the next chain.  Then repeat from the skips.

So, it is coming out like little puffy shells.  I really like it so far.  It is dense enough that it will keep a baby warm but is very soft as well.  I hope Bethany will like it.  She is not due until May so I have plenty of time to work this one.

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