Monday, December 10, 2007

Jo, your bag is really neat!! Does it have a button type closure at the top or is it just open? It kinda reminds me of a saddle bag. Your blanket turned out very nice too.

Candy, your tree has turned out nice also. I like the idea of the crocheted angel on top, that way it isn't so heavy and weighing down the tree. I think that the yo-yo doll is very cute!!

I am almost finished with the weenie dog that I am making for our friends daughter for Christmas, I wonder what she'll name it. Tyler named the weenie dog I made him "Weenie", (that was pretty original), and He talked me into making him another one the other day only it was really short (he wanted "Weenie" to have a kid) and so he named it "Teeny Weenie".

I will try and get some pictures of the rug I crocheted posted in a few days when Billy gets back from the Bahamas, he took the camera with him.

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