Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How is your porch

Hi everybody, Yesterday was a beautiful day almost hot here, Tif and I took our used books and traded them in at the Book Bug, a used book store. We each got more books and still had a credit of over 20 dollars to spend the next time we went. We had traded the books back and forth before we took them to the store, but I mean really there is only so much room for books you know you will never read again and this way someone you dont even know gets a chance to read the things you find interesting. One of the books I bought is an oldie,but goodie from Garrison Keiler called Lake Wobegone Days. The book is a series of short stories and was made into a radio series back in the eighties. Not that most of you remember the eighties, but at that time we didnt have tv so the saturday night radio program was a big deal to me. I havent started reading them yet, but I am really looking forward to the stories.

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