Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why people are jealous of me?

This is actually kind of a twisted way to think but hell my husband and my dad both tell me I am conceited so this should be a breeze!

1. I have carpet...I know you are thinking, Why in the hell would someone be jealous because you have carpet. My answer, for the last two years, I didn't and I was jealous of anyone who did, so ha!

2. I can kill a deer, skin and clean a deer, and have in the skillet in 2 hours or less. Needless to say the economy doesn't scare me too much cause I know I will still eat.

3. I have a husband that will give me anything I want, even if I am a brat!

4. My first house on my own, was brand new, and has a huge kitchen.

5. I have a beautiful piece of land to build my next house on.

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