Friday, November 14, 2008

I'll take a stab at you challenge

To start off I guess I would say other people are jelous because I am single and own my own house have a decent paying job and I bought a new car this year. What people don't realize is being single is ok. People look at it as you can do what you want when you want. That is true and I do like that, on the other hand I sometimes miss having a partner in life. I won't laberate on that subject (Boring) My job is good but there are down falls that people don't see. My car is wonderful but there is that large payment every month to. Since you brought this up I have been really thinking about jelousy. I can look at someone and think damn I wish I looked liked her, or I wish that I had that house or that relationship but then I have to step back and say but then that would not be me. I have to say that I am jelous of each and everyone of you, no how about envious, you all are so talented in your own ways. I hope this is what you wanted me to write.

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