Monday, November 3, 2008


Anyone who has talked to me in the last 2 weeks has heard all about my pecan picking adventures so I thought you all might like to see the pictures of what I was doing. The first pictures shows what the pecans looked like when I got them. Then I put them in the freezer and cracked them with a pair of pliers. I dont know if you can see the crochet hook in the upper right hand corner that I used to pick the pecan out of the shell. And the finished product was 3 quart bags of pecans. I would say they were hard earned. I think it is something in the blood to do this kind of thing, because I can remember staying at my grandma hall's house in the country and watching her pick out hickory nuts in the evenings and my mom does the same thing now in the winter if she can find someone to crack the nuts for her. You know it is just one of those family traditions.

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