Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Currently Reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Of course I read practically nothing but Oprah book club selections...  Why do you ask.  Well, cuz I'm too lazy to follow any other media or book recommendations.  Too lazy to read reviews... too lazy to well, think for myself I guess.  So, if it has the seal of approval from Oprah, then I usually do enjoy it.   My eyes are burnt out by the end of the day... Google reader is starting to get the best of me.  My current addiction to Ravelry.com is beginning to take the lead though.

So, it is an epic novel, spans three generations of family.  So far so good, I'm about 3/4's the way through.  I only read at bedtime, so it takes me awhile to get through any book.  I'll be happy to pass this one along when I'm done.

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