Monday, January 28, 2008

heal the gut

i'm sorry to hear about your woes.. I too have gained weight, and I did go up a size and have bought new clothes.. So, I need to change some habits myself..
so, we can work on this one together..
as for the bloating issues. 
I swear by probiotics.
I take acidophilus every day... I totally recommend the ones that are called pearls, cuz they are protected and get into the intestines to do their job.  They are a little more expensive, but are worth it.  I also like flax seed oil in capsule format to keep things going where they should.
So, if I were you, get a good multi-vitamin if you aren't already taking one.. then supplement w/either the flax seed oil or a good fish oil... and a daily acidophilus pearl, that should get your gut feeling a little better.
As for actually losing weight, i'm totally struggling w/that myself and am beside myself.

Oh, the other thing I have done to settle my belly is to use digestive enzymes and I think they work really well also!!!  I heard that you should only use the enzymes for a short duration and is not something that should become a daily routine...   So, I'll take them w/every meal for about two days until I'm feeling better.

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