Monday, January 28, 2008

Four letter word

That's right folks, I'm gonna say my first four letter word on this site. Diet. There, I said it. Diet, diet, diet. It's not a resolution, its a recognition. Once again I'm faced with that day where I have to decide whether or not to buy a wardrobe in a different size, or lose some weight. I'm looking for any suggestions...what has worked, what hasn't, what might jump start the process. The only thing that has worked for me in the past is Atkins, and Doc says I can't ever do that again cuz my kidneys freak out when I have too much protein. Too be brutally honest, I feel bloated and full of sh*t (more so than usual) but I'm not constipated. Has anyone ever tried/known anyone who has tried one of those colon cleanser routines? I don't want to waste $30-50 bucks and a week or two on something I don't know about. Googling hasn't helped, all I'm getting are product testimonials.

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