Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The new years hog

I hadn't thought to tell about the new years hog on the blog site until Candy said I should put something up. As you can see it is a 12 foot trailer and a gigantic hog. It is what you would call a downed sow, she had piglets and didn't get back up so the men went to the farm where she was and killed her, which took awhile. Then brought it home and that is what I had in the yard. I know you are asking yourself how do you get something that huge to a place where you can butcher it, well let me tell you, in pieces. I now have half a deep freeze full of pork, next hog that we get though I think that we will cure the hams because we found out it just tastes like tenderloin. We did however do sausage and bacon. The bacon is salt cured and you have to make damn sure you rinse it before you cook it unless you really like salt! We found that one out the hard way too, though it was kind of funny to watch Clayton eat a piece of it. So if anyone ever has any questions about how to clean a hog, don't hesitate to ask!

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